Content and Access


Although Eccleston Parish council have added content that we hope will be of interest to the parishioners of Eccleston, we would welcome any input from Parishioners themselves. Ideas could include extra information that the site could provide for you or, if you have an interest in an aspect of the community that you wish to share with others, you may wish to contribute to the site. Items such as Births,Deaths and Marriages, Planning Applications, Local Tradesmens directory, Local Eateries and Sports ammeneties around Eccleston, will be incorporated in the future as well.

Site access

This site conforms to XHTLM 1.0 and CSS current specs. The sections of the site will, eventually, be available in both flash and html/css. This is to ensure that as well as allowing accessability to all internet users regardless of any possible visual shortcomings. The site will also allow for different internet browsers and the various different access speeds, eg telephone modem or high speed broadband.

If you experience any problems in the area of accessibility please inform the clerk via email.