Ecclesfield Sports facilities

Picture of Ecclesfield changing rooms

Ecclesfield Changing Facility Management Committee was formed in 1991 and is administered jointed by Eccleston Parish Council and Windle Parish Council. Eccleston Parish Council owns 70% of the Facility and Windle Parish Council owns 30%.

The Facility is situated on Ecclesfield Open Space and the Changing Rooms are located at the back of the shops on Walmesley Road, Eccleston. There is a car park for users, which was the stipulation made by St Helens Council in granting planning permission for the Changing Rooms.

The objective of the Parish Councils was "to encourage the people of Eccleston and Windle parishes in their chosen sporting endeavours by providing an efficient, maintained changing facility".

The Facility is maintained by a Caretaker who is responsible for security, cleaning and upkeep. He is also the liaison between the Secretary and the Management Committee and attends and reports at all meetings. St Helens Council, which owns the open space and leases it to Eccleston Parish Council for a yearly fee, maintains the grounds.

The Committee meets at least 4 times a year to address problems and all User representatives are invited to attend and give their views. At the present time, the Facility is used for football practice and weekly matches. There are also basketball nets for the use of all residents.

Contributions from the two Parish Councils and fees from the football teams fund the running of the Changing Facility. A list of Committee Members, Personnel and User Representatives follows.


MEMBERS 2016-2017

Eccleston PC

Windle PC

Users Representatives